Copper Extruder Line

Copper Flat Wire Continuous Extrusion Line

Our range of copper wire continuous rotary extrusion line is an efficient copper wire production line. It can be applied to extrude different types of copper wires, including copper flat wires, round wires, and profile wires. These copper products are commonly used in the forming of transformer, large and medium sized motor, high and low voltage switch electric appliance, DC motor commutator, etc.

    1. TJ250/45 Continuous Extrusion Machine for Copper Flat Wire

      This continuous rotary extrusion line is suitable for producing flat copper wires with ultra small sections. The sectional area is about 2.5m2. The extruded products can be used to form enameled transposed conductors which are often used in EHV transformers.

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    1. TJ300 Continuous Extrusion Machine for Copper Flat Wire

      The flat copper wire continuous rotary extrusion line adopts TJ300 series continuous extrusion machine as the main unit. By exchanging the extrusion die, it can be utilized to produce different types of end products, including pure copper flat wires, silver coated copper wire

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Our continuous rotary extrusion line is mainly made up of the payoff machine, straightening unit, continuous extrusion machine, cooling system, take-up machine, and the electrical control system.

Thanks to simplified production procedure, this metal extrusion machine helps reduce the raw material consumption and saves production costs. The adoption of thermal deformation method for material extruding eliminates the demand of annealing process, which ensures lower energy consumption and lower investment in equipment acquisition. These make our continuous rotary extrusion equipment an ideal replacement of wire drawing machines to manufacture the copper busbar and the contact wire which are often used in electric locomotives, etc.

Working Process
This copper wire continuous rotary extrusion line uses the oxygen-free pure copper rod which is manufactured using upward casting technique as the feed stock. The feed stock is firstly unwound by the payoff machine, and then is conveyed to the continuous extrusion machine after straightening. After extruded into wire stocks, the semi-finished products are specially treated to help prevent oxidation, before they are delivered to the cooling system. With the help of the take-up machine, the extruded copper wires are rewound.


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Advantages of Extrusion Technologies

Aibang Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer of continuous rotary extrusion lines for copper and aluminum products. These production lines are available with different specifications and can produce yields such as the aluminum tube, copper flat wire, soft aluminum section wire, and the copper busbar and profile. Also available are continuous rotary extrusion equipment for producing aluminum clad steel wires.


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