Cable Sheath Line

Continuous Extrusion Cladding for Cable

Aluminum Clad Cable Continuous Extrusion Line - Complete Extrusion Line
Continuous Extrusion Cladding for Cable
1. Aluminum Rod Pay-off Machine    2. Straightening Unit    3. Aluminum Rod Cleaning System    4. Steering Wheel   5. Pay-off Machine    6. Guide Pulley    7. Continuous Extrusion Machine    8. Cooling and Drying System    9. Traction Wheel   10. Guide Pulley    11. Take-up Machine    12. Hydraulic and Lubrication System    13. Electric Control Cabinet    14. Operation Console

Continuous extrusion cladding technology is continuous extrusion tangential cladding and it's divided into two processes: direct cladding and indirect cladding. These two processes, equipped with different dies and corresponding equipment, can produce different cladding products according to different demands.

Soft cladding technology (for OPGW&CATV) adopts continuous extrusion indirect cladding technology to continuously extrude aluminum into aluminum tubes which indirectly clad on the exteriors of soft core wires. Then by drawing, aluminum tubes will be tightly clad on the surface of soft core wires. The core wires won't be scalded due to high temperature. By adopting similar process, carbon fiber core rod or BTLY fire-resistant cable can be clad with aluminum protective sleeve.

  • Continuous Extrusion Cladding for Cable
  • Continuous Extrusion Cladding for Cable
Technical Parameters
Machine Type Tangential Cladding Type
Diameter of Extrusion Wheel Φ350mm
Max. Rotation Speed 16.7 RPM
Power of Main Motor 200kW/1500 RPM
Feedstock Diameter 2×Φ9.5mm
Feedstock Diameter Tolerance ±0.2mm
Max. Tensile Strength ≤95MPa
Material: Clean Continuous Casting and Rolling Aluminum Rod
Cladding Machine -9 -12 -13 -15
Outer Diameter of Insulation Layer 9.00mm 11.43mm 13.03mm 14.35mm
Outer Diameter of Conductor 10.30mm 12.70mm 14.30mm 15.88mm
Maximum Line Velocity 80m/min
Flash Amount 5%
Power Supply 3Phase, 50Hz, 380V, 350KVA
Compressed Air (no oil or water) 0.7MPa, 5m3/min
External Circulating Cooling Water 0.4MPa, 50tons/h
Workshop Dimension 55m ×12m×6m
  • The aluminum clad cable extrusion line refers to a special type of cladding machine to continuously extrude the aluminum rod feedstock into aluminum sheath. Then, the aluminum sheath is coated on the outer layer of the cable which is finally processed into the final product.
  • With seamless cladding method, the continuous rotary extrusion machine is free from the seam quality problem. Meanwhile, the sheath has excellent sealing ability.
  • Our continuous extrusion equipment has no heating procedure, thus saving space, equipment and energy.
  • The aluminum clad cable extrusion line can be used to manufacture cable, fiber sheath CATV coaxial-cable, fire resistant jacketed cable for television signal and railway communication signal transmission purposes.

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Aibang Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer of continuous rotary extrusion lines for copper and aluminum products. These production lines are available with different specifications and can produce yields such as the aluminum tube, copper flat wire, soft aluminum section wire, and the copper busbar and profile. Also available are continuous rotary extrusion equipment for producing aluminum clad steel wires.


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